What is "KuFie's"


"KuFie’s" Japanese School Item Making
You can change the size and specifications as you like.

We will create the perfect outfit for you.



Type of uniform

I believe there are two types of school uniforms. One is a special product and the other is a general purpose product. The exclusive items have unique specifications that allow you to identify the school at a glance. General-purpose products are so-called standard types that are used by multiple schools. What we provide is made-to-order manufacturing using general-purpose molds based on our own standards.



Integrated management from manufacturing to sales

Our company is a uniform manufacturing factory. We mainly manufacture sailor uniforms and skirts, and are involved in everything from manufacturing to wholesale and retail. That is why we are able to manufacture original specifications based on general-purpose types designed in-house.



Uniform material

Wool is used abundantly in school uniforms. Although wool is more expensive than 100% polyester material, it has a quality feel that cannot be replaced by anything else and is durable enough to be worn for three years. Our uniforms are made by Nippon Keori Co., Ltd. (commonly known as NIKKE), the largest company in Japan.